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TRNC Traffic Penalties

The ''New Traffic Penalties'' document currently circulating online has by the Police been confirmed to be incorrect. The traffic penalties were last revised in February '20 following an increase in the minimum wage.

TRNC Traffic Penalties & Fines are calculated based on the TRNC minimum wage, which is currently 3,820 TL. See table below for Offences and Fines, displayed as percentages of minimum wage and Penalty Points awarded. Be aware that you can be subject to double fining, i.e. Driving without a license means you are not covered by insurance, so you can be fined for the latter as well.

Your license has a 100 points, therefore offences with 100 point penalty will result in the loss of your license. The duration of loss of license will depend on the severity of the offence and whether or not you have committed previous offences. Minimum license loss is 3 months, maximum is permanent loss of license and could also include a prison sentence. 


Source: KKTC Polis Genel Müdürlüğü


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