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Road Tax & MOT Inspection

Requirements for Driving in the TRNC
When driving in the TRNC you must carry your driving license. Other official documents including your tax disc (Motorlu Araç Seyrüsefer Ruhsatı), Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration (Motorlu araç kayıt Belgesi), blue registration document, Motorlu Araclar Seyrüsefer ve Tahsilat Makbuzu (Road Tax receipt), your MOT document (Motorlu Araç Muayene Geçme Belgesi) and Car Insurance documents, must be kept in your car as it is a legal requirement to carry then and police road side checks to check your documentation are not infrequent.  If you do not have these documents, you may be asked to go your local police station within 48 hours to show your documents.  Failure to present your documents will result in a fine.
You must carry 2 emergency triangles, a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher.  The driver and the front seat passenger are required to wear a seatbelt, however seat belts for back seat passengers are not compulsory.

Online Payment System

Online payment system
To pay your road tax, MOT inspection or overseas travel fees, use the following government website:
1. Click on the 'Pay Road Tax, Inspection or Overseas Travel Fee' (pictured above). You will be be presented with the screen below:

2. Enter your license plate with no spaces between the letters and numbers

3. Enter your passport number preceded by a ‘P’ to indicate it is a passport number

4. Enter you date of registration, this is the date on the front of your Blue Vehicle Registration Document.  If you use the calendar function on the field you need to enter the year first, then the month then the date.

5. Enter the verification shown on the screen – this field is not case sensitive

Once you have successfully entered this information you will be presented with the following screen, which summarises your vehicle details.


On the left side of the screen you have a selection of grey boxes with clickable links. For Road Tax Info click on the 'Current Year Road Tax' box (1 from bottom) to see when your car road tax is due and the amount to pay.
Click on the make payment button and enter your debit or credit card information. The document showing the payment will be automatically saved in the database. The user will also be able to save the document in PDF format on their devices and create a printout. It is a legal obligation for owners to keep a copy of the documents inside their vehicles.
Payments will be accepted between 12 midnight and 10 pm seven days a week. 
Those who face problems while using the system can call the “1300” hotline within working hours or send an e-mail to or

MOT - Vehicle Inspection


Vehicle Inspection Tests (MOT Equivalent) are required for all vehicles in the TRNC.  Inspections are carried out at main police stations and are less rigorous than testing in EU countries.

If you purchase a new car/or newer car that has been recently imported to the TRNC and hence is being registered here for the first time, a Vehicle Inspection test is not required for the first 3 years.

After the first Vehicle Inspection, an inspection is required every 3 years (this includes  motor cycles and quad bikes).

MOT testing dates are published annually, the date of your Inspection depends on the letters of your car registration number. The chart below shows the Vehicle Inspection Dates for 2020. If you have registered on the Vehicle Registry Information System you will be notified in advance when your Vehicle Inspection is required.

Note: Due to a reduced time period for testing as a result of Covid 19, each registration letter may be allocated as little as a one week window for vehicles to be inspected.  Failure to arrange the Vehicle Inspection within the specified period will result in a fine.

Slide2 (92).JPG

Vehicle Inspection Test Procedure

mot procedure
Vehicle Registration Info System

⦁    < 7 days in advance of the date you wish to have your Vehicle Inspection.  Visit a local garage, which carries out emissions tests (Egzoz Muayene). The test is performed while you wait and costs 30.00tl.  You will be provided with a certificate which you should take to the Police testing centre.

⦁    Log onto the Road Tax, MOT and OverSeas Travel Fee and pay for your Vehicle Inspection.  The fee will be 342.20 TL for cars and 174.64 TL for motorcycles (January '20). Late payment will incur a fine.

⦁    Check that there are no obvious defects with the car, such as cracked number plate, faulty window screen wipers, missing mud flaps, tyres have sufficient tread

⦁    Take vehicle to the Police MOT testing centre, together with the following documents:

  1. Emission test certificate, 

  2. Passport/Identification, 

  3. Insurance documents and 

  4. Previous test certificate

  5. Road tax document, if still a paper copy

⦁    The police will undertake the Vehicle check and advise you of any issues which need to be fixed.
⦁    If there are no issues you will be issued with your Vehicle Check document 
⦁    If there are issues, arrange for these to be rectified and return to the Police Testing Centre for a re-check.

Vehicle Registry Information System


Vehicle owners should register on this free system to receive email notifications of approaching Vehicle Road Tax and Vehicle Inspection (MOT equivalent) needs to be paid and undertaken, by sending a text message to 1300 and typing your full name and surname, email address and vehicle registration number (pictured left).

You should enter these details by adding a space between each item, but no commas or other commands.


You will then be notified by SMS that you request has been accepted.



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