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If you visit the TRNC as a tourist you are able to use your current national driving license when driving with in the TRNC for up to 3 months.  If you remain longer in the TRNC or you have residency on the island you need to apply for a TRNC driving license.  If you continue to drive without obtaining a TRNC license there is a risk that if you have an accident you will not be covered by insurance.
Foreign citizens, with the exception of Citizens of Turkey, EU member states (including the UK), Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, must take a written and practical exam in order to obtain a TRNC driving licence. 

To obtain a TRNC licence you will need the present the following documents:

⦁    Application form in English http://www.vergi.gov.ct.tr/sites/default/files/dosyalar/Ehl_en.pdf

 (Turkish version: http://www.vergi.gov.ct.tr/sites/default/files/dosyalar/Ehliyet%20Yenileme%20Formu%20%28Tr%29.pdf )
⦁    Passport original & a photocopy of your photo page together with your current residence stamp/residency document 
⦁    2 passport size photos
⦁    National Driving Licence original & photocopy 
⦁    Test Results from Driving  & Theory test (if applicable)


A new TRNC driving licence which will be compatible with international standards and internationally recognised will be introduced this year (pictured above). 

If you have a current TRNC driving licence with >2 years before expiry, will be able to change your old licence for a new one, free of charge. If your licence expires in <2 two years will be need to pay a fee to switch to the new licence.  
For new driving licence applications you need to apply personally at the Tax Office in Lefkosa. For renewals, it is possible to get someone to submit the filled and signed renewal form to the Tax Office on your behalf.
The new licences will contain a multiple laser symbol and a chip, together with other specifications making its’ duplication impossible. The new driving licences will also use new internationally standard vehicle classifications.

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