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About Us

Finding out everything you need to know to live in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can be difficult.  Most foreigners don’t speak or read Turkish and are reliant on ‘word of mouth’, social media and advice from Cypriot friends and other foreigners to find out how to comply with the rules and regulations.

Today there is a wealth of information online giving guidance on many aspects of living in Northern Cyprus, but unfortunately much of the government information is only published in Turkish.  Google translate is a helpful tool, for translating information into another language, however Turkish is very different from English and hence does not translate well using such tools.

We are a small team who want to help foreigners access the wide range of information currently available, to ensure they are better informed.

Current hot topics are Coronavirus and Residency, through this website we’re trying to bring together in a single place the latest guidance(which changes on a daily basis!) so everyone understands the latest situation and can plan accordingly.

Many government services are moving online, we’re creating guides and helpful tips on how to take advantage of new online services, so you can avoid waiting in long queues at government offices.

Additionally we plan to offer online information about other services you may require from time to time, so if you want to find your mukhta, check which pharmacies are ‘open out of hours’ or find out where you go to register your mobile phone, the information will be available here.

We plan over the coming weeks to add lots of new information, so if you need help finding out about a government service, send us a message and we will investigate and publish what we discover.

To ensure we provide information you can trust we list the sources of all our information and when we include anecdotal information we will make this clear.  We know we won’t get things right every time, so if you find inaccuracies, let us know, so we can update our guidance.

If you want to be informed when new information comes on-stream sign up with us for updates and we will notify you by email whenever we publish new information. 

Growing up in the TRNC, the US and Norway with Turkish and Norwegian parents has given me the benefit of speaking English, Norwegian and Turkish fluently. Through all the years I’ve spent in Cyprus, I have noticed that the expat community is steadily growing and that there seems to be a lack of information sources aimed at foreigners. This realisation gave the idea of creating a website that foreigners could look to when searching for information about topics related to living in North Cyprus. 


I am the Secretary of the Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) & also the Anglo Turkish Association. 

When I moved to North Cyprus 5 years ago I had no idea how to do anything. I vividly remember the fear I felt buying a second hand car.  I had no idea whether I was paying a reasonable price and no clue as to how to register my new car. I was lucky to have help from a Turkish friend who helped me navigate the system, without his help I would have been lost.

Remembering my early days on the island, encouraged me to build this website, so others don’t have to struggle in the same way.


Melissa Emen

Caroline Houghton

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